Girls want To Get Wet

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Nulla di fatto per il primo appuntamento stagionale del AWT, American Windsurf Tour. Al Windsurfing Festival di Santa Cruz il vento non è bastato per far iniziare la gara. Ma il divertimento non è mancato. Eccovi un bel video tutto al femminile tra Windsurf e SUP e la press release ufficiale. Prossimo appuntamento dall’Oregon 12-15 giugno. Stay tuned!


Girls want To Get Wet – episode 1 from Girls want to get wet on Vimeo.

girls get wet



Everybody Wins at the Goya
Windsurfing Festival in Santa Cruz

The 2014 Goya Windsurfing Festival wrapped up it’s fourth day without seeing enough wind to run the contest, but a good time was still had by all. The surf was pumping all weekend allowing everyone to get on the water either surfing or standup paddleboarding. The event’s final party was also one for the ages featuring great Mexican food, killer live music and the premiere of an awesome new windsurfing movie starring many of the athletes from the women’s division: Girls Want to Get Wet.
Here is the latest word from AWT director Sam Bittner on the $10,000 prize money from this event: “The idea has been put out to run an on forecast event in Cape Verde with a month-long holding period for February 2015. Up for grabs will be the unused prize money from the Santa Cruz Goya Windsurfing Festival.” Sounds like an exciting plan! Stay tuned for more info.

Antoine Martin and Camille Juban at the closing party.

Killer live music.

Closing party fun!

Watching Girls Want to Get Wet.

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