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Bonifacio Freestyle Project 2012


13 – 15 JUIN 2012

The story takes place in a small village south of Corsica, where life is good. The people are friendly, the sea is full of treasures, the atmosphere is calm and rested. Quiet? Yes. Well, almost. Except when the elements rage and a bunch of hardcore windsurfers come into play. It seems that even when the wind exceeds 20 km per hour [or that the waves are formed slowly in the Bouches], a more or less secret organization calling itself “Bonifacio Windsurf” work night and day for their operation “Freestyle Project “may have the desired effect.
That is why we are launching today an official warning. Attention of 13 to 17 June 2012 in the lagoon Piantarella there will be trouble!
Seaward side is all the choice of Freestyle Windsurf which tumbles on the spot to compete in jousting of a new genre. The goal for riders is to impose his style on the water by offering ever more rhythmic figures and air. Note, it is true that these fanatics are mostly there for fun, for the beauty of the spot and for the perfection of the conditions offered by the lagoon South Corsican lagoon, but the key word of this event is to share a common passion. The general discipline of Cador, Steven Van Broekoven, Belgium we do the honor of his participation on this year’s Freestyle Project. Despite his title of World Champion Freestyle, he will have to demonstrate talent and imagination to dethrone the King of the Lagoon Thomas Traversa, at the initiative of the plot.
What makes the project even more interesting is our great duel Photographers VS windsurfers who turned up the heat in image. These artists of the objectives, and friends of the project, team up with the riders to give us pictures of a magical lagoon paradise become a laughing stock of the time, favorite playground of the best windsurfers in the world.
Beach side there also things happening, a priori any entertainment program brilliantly concocted by the team of Bonifacio Windsurf. Initiations between windsurfing and Stand Up Paddle open to everyone, animation Surfrider Foundation with Anne Laure, kite workshop for toddlers, training in sports photography with Pertusatofilms …
But it is especially the night that the worst is feared they say. How can we not imagine a show by night looking like windsurfing unusual, illuminated by a strange fire show? Or to be intoxicated by some good vibes unleashed by DJ Jude? The plan is still obscure, but we have every reason to believe that what is happening to that side of Corsica will mess up the habit. We investigate and get back to you with more details to not miss the event!