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Gaastra Dominates first Formula Event of the Season in Sylt/Germany!


Interview with Ross Williams and Arnon Dagan…
Ross Williams and Arnon Dagan won ALL the races last week blitzing the competition with ease. Riding the new Vapor Formula Racing Sails and the Vapor Formula Board these guys had speed to burn! Matt Pritchard got a chance to sit down with both of them to see what they had to say….
MP: Nice work out there guys! Looks like you have found a good groove- what has changed for you and what do you attribute these great results to:

RW: Nothing really has changed with me i am working as hard as ever on and off the water, i think now we have the best formula equipment on the market and it shows in the results with gaastra winning every race at this event.

AD: I came into this event with a bit of a down mood after PWA Korea however I knew our new Gaastra Vapor2  the Gaastra Vapor sails and new Z fins are better then what I had last year and already last year I was 2nd in the FW worlds so it was a win win situation.
MP: Tell us about the sail sizes you guys used most?

RW: I found that my weapon of choice was the 11.m. It was so sick, great range in the sail so easy and fast. I really felt that i had an engine on the back of my board.

AD: I used 11 in the first day and 12 in the 2nd day both worked unreall!!
MP: How about fin selection? Are you both using the same fins?

RW: No, i was using one kashy the whole time. Now we are only allowed to use 2 fins the whole time so you need to make the right choice.

AD: We are using slightly deferent fins I use Z fins and felt fastest upwind. However it seems like the board is fin friendlly and can be used with other fins as well.
MP: What are you guys doing differently on the course than the competition?

RW: I think i was racing pretty smart. Just doing my own thing and using my 21 years of racing experience to out race the other guys.

AD: I just tried to be safe on the starts in the begining as I knew I had bonus speed over the rest . Then  slowly build up my confidance and risk more but for the 7 races we had it was a bit to late for the win. Ross just raced a perfect race start to finish!
MP: Seems like the new Vapor boards are going FAST! How many other guys are racing on them?

RW: Not sure really, i wasn’t looking around to much. I think after this result it should be clear that the board is amazing and i wouldn’t be surprised if by the time the world championship comes around we see a lot of the sailors jumping to the vapor 2.

AD: Starboard made very strong marketing for the new SB FW. So many guys had that board so we were happy to find ourselfs almost alone on our AMAZING Vapor 2 and just destroyed everyone!
MP: Besides each other, who was your toughest competition and why?

RW: There are a lot of good racers out there and any of the top 10 guys can win, but i try just to focus on my racing usually and not so much on what the others are doing.

AD:Steve Allen was the toughest as he is such a great competitor and great fighter.
MP: Do you have an off-water workout program you do? How do you prepare for Formula racing?

RW: Yes, i try to go to the gym regularly and also i run 4 or 5 times a week. This is standard training for any top level athlete i think. Basically I try to be fit, and i sail or surf everyday possible. I don’t have a specific training for formula or any discipline i just try to eat and live healthy and enjoy life.

AD: I bike allot uphills and I do P90X workouts (u can check IT online its great) didnt have much time to sail formula as I was training and focusing on slalom however I have lots of expereance in FW so if the gear is working ill be up there.
MP: A lot of the top guys in Formula don’t race the PWA slalom series- do you find that slalom racing helps with Formula?

RW:  I think any type of sailing helps, it doesn’t matter even if its in the waves!! Of course a racing back ground helps when it comes to tactic’s but formula racing is pretty different from slalom. The race is longer and there is more chances to pass other sailors. Your Slalom race is over if you get a bad start.

AD: The Slalom tour is very hard and competative so it makes you a harder stronger racer. On the other hand the guys that do only formula are very sharp with lay lines and racing tactics so they have an atvantage in this.
MP: Thanks for your time guys and great job out there! Looks like the gear is working how you like it! Keep it flowing!
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Photo Credit: Choppy Water