13 – 17 JUNE 2012

East Wind blowing on La Tonnara

When the East Wind comes through South of Corsica it is usually not a good sign. The only to get out of a no-wind session then is to move a little bit more to the East Coast of Bonifacio. The idea is to get in water from La Tonarra, where eastern winds are accelerated because of a local effect. All the riders left Piantarella on Friday morning to enjoy the 15 knots blowing on this new spot. Air is warm, and the clear water pushes photographers to swim and bit and do water-shots. Windsurfers love this game and never stop turning around the lenses, pushing the vice until landing some moves in the nose of the image production team. We are in paradise. Our artists of the water are here this time again to make the show and get wonderful images. Photographers and cameramen take advantage of the situation to set up their craziest shoots. With a sail hooked in the water for unreal images, unexpected lights, out of context accessories…
The wind is light however but our freestylers go out with their biggest equipment to glide some meters planning before landing some Chaccos, Lollypops or Baracudas for the best ones. Steven, in spite of his good shape, and because he’s not Freetsyle World Champion for nothing, was very impressive on the water. He plays with technical moves even in light wind conditions, pushing them harder and harder.
The young guns are brilliant too on this type of conditions. Antoine and Rafael, with their small shape, push their moves with more power and land smooth figures. They should have a promising future in the Windsurfing World! Rafael, coming straight from Cuaraçao, move on non-stop to new destinations and will present himself again on international competitions very soon. Antoine on his side, just comes from New Caledonia to spend some time in Metropolitan France during his studies. He will for sure have a try on a Freestyle World Cup in a few time.

Test &  lights…

We have to prepare the great show of Saturday night. A short Tow-in session to see the abilities of the pilote (and the riders) who will bring the riders landing a move right in front of the beach, under the spotlights. Most of the riders had a ride and could land some tow-moves, they are all ready for the night session. Once the night has come, we have to test the lights to see what we need or not to get fantastic images. 6KW of under-water light and we have Cristelle and Marion on the water (and not working ; ) Stand Up Paddling for a shoot. Tonight is gonna be great!

To come in the program : shooting session in the Lavezzi Islands Stand Up Paddling and Tow-in by night.