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ION drysuits & winter accessories 2014


ION è lieta di presentare la nuova versione della drysuit FUSE con il primo modello in commercio dedicato esclusivamente alle donne.
Per la nuova stagione le “mute asciutte” di ION hanno le seguenti caratteristiche:
ION Anti_Smell, which uses the Sanitized® technology, to fight the unpleasant problems like skin irritations and allergies caused by bacteria, germs, mildew, fungi, mold algae, mites, etc.
Furthermore the suits feature a new improved absolutely dry Diving Drysuit Seam Technology: All seams, pockets and cuffs are glued blind-stitched and fully sealed on the inside with a 20mm wide Neoprene tape like in scuba-diving drysuit technology.






Cold means nothing: the new ION drysuits

After the debut of the ION drysuit FUSE in 2010 and an ongoing enhancement, in their 2014 wetsuit collection ION offers not only the FUSE but also the ENVEE drysuit for women.
The FUSE/ENVEE is made for all the hardcore guys and girls who don’t care about minus degrees but just go out for a session even in the coldest winter time.
The ION drysuits feature a new improved absolutely dry Diving Drysuit Seam
. All seams, pockets and cuffs are glued blind-stitched and fully sealed
on the inside with a 20mm wide Neoprene tape like in scuba-diving drysuit
technology. The crucial difference compared to normal taped seams lies in the
special preparation of the gluing areas along the seams:   The double lined jersey is
removed from all gluing areas to ensure a 100% water-proof bonding of the naked
Neoprene rubber on the rubber tape.
In addition every single ION drysuit must now pass a final waterproof test
procedure before leaving the factory.
All ION drysuits furthermore feature ION Anti_Smell, which uses the Sanitized®
. ION uses this proven Swiss certified antibacterial fabric with the active
biocidal substance: zinc pyrithion as a pioneer brand in the water market to fight the
unpleasant problems every watersports man know: A foul and sweaty smell,
often combined with skin irritations and allergies caused by bacteria, germs, mildew,
funghi, mold, algae, mites, etc. in moist or sweaty environments.

With the Neoprene flotation construction, that keeps you safely above the water, ION
meet their ambition for Safety because being out on the water in cold wintertime can
be seriously dangerous especially as it is getting dark much earlier. This ambitions is
completed by the new Re_flective feature: Additional reflective prints on the shoulder / hood area, which makes it much more easy to be found by SAR crew searchlights in case of emergency. The knowingly selected bright colors for the hood and the arm-beds additionally increase this effect.
In Addition the newly added ION Storm_Whistle is a true safety feature. Ever tried to
call for help in a roaring storm? Difficult! That´s why ION looked for the loudest safety
whistle on the planet and found it: The Storm_Whistle®! This incredible whistle is
twice as loud as any other mouth-blown whistle and it even works under water due to
its patented harmonic chamber creating the extreme 3150 hertz frequency sound!
Check out the website of our cooperation partner for further information:


The required comfort factor – a combination of warmth and freedom of movement
is guaranteed by the 4,0 – 3,0mm Neoprene for maximum heat retention, which is still
provides an awesome wearing comfort due to the flexible neoprene construction.
Moreover the ION P_Zip is the ultimate answer to a full bladder in a drysuit when it´s f****** freezing outside. This unrestricting TIZIP Master_Seal zipper provides the crucial feature for a long day on the water.

And last but not least the most important feature, that can tell you, if you are a true
hero on the water: The brand new Hero_Meter on the left wrist (only
for FUSE drysuit)! It will tell you roughly the surrounding temperature and the
equivalent ION hero-level…
OK, frankly this feature is more a fun little gadget, but you will love it anyway! By
the way, if you don´t know Ötzi, just google it…

In short:
The FUSE/ENVEE is probably the warmest, safest, funniest, most comfortable and absolute waterproof Neoprene suit solution for everybody who wants to make the season last 12 months!

Check out all details on:

To even give you that littel more of comfort and warmth ION offers a wide range of products supporting your additionally during the cold seasons, giving you the possibility to concentrate on the sport and the fun on the water instead of caring about the conditions.

The most important products to complete the effect of the drysuits are the ones you are wearing undern it. ION therefore provides you with it´s high quality Quickdry Underwear collection. The materials used have the effect of sweat being transported away from your skin to avoid body fatigue from evaporative heat loss.

Besides the Functional Underwear collection, ION serves you with various Neoprene Accessories to give you the possibility to extend your session thanks to more protection and warmth.

The accessories line features everything from jackets to waistbelts.

To keep your head warm and dry during or in between sessions ION offers a range of beanies, for example the Neo Stripe Beanies with a perfect color fit for FUSE and ENVEE.

One of the most sensitive part of the body parts are your hands, because they have to fight wind and cold all the time while you still need to be able to use them properly.

With the ION Claw Gloves 3/2 you don‘t have to worry about that any more. Thanks to the Hot_Stuff material, GBS_Seams and the Elastic_Band the gloves are fully sealed and cozy and warm from the inside.

The additional Claw Finger Grip is a strongly pre-curved, ergonomic finger shape for non exhausting, super comfortable grip around the boom / bar.

To compleate the ‚cold means nothing‘ mission ION presents the Boots & Shoes collection featuring high quality materials and innovative inhouse developments,  like the ION Ballistic Sole that provides a maximum of protection against sharp objects yet still is super flexible. Two examples out of the Boots&Shoes range are the NEXKIN Balistic Boots and the Plasma Boots:

The NEXKIN version of the Ballistic Boot features the new revolutionary Skin Neoprene Technology with more stretch, warmth and robustness, exclusively distributed by ION.

Besides all of ION‘s Neoprene Footwear comes with Sanitized® treament against bad odor, funghi and other troublemarkers.

ION‘s Plasma Boot also features the Sanitized® treament and due to tractION these Boots provide a sticky grip print insole for best traction.


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