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New video of Adam Sims and Mauricio Alvarez


We caught up with two Patrik Diethelm riders, who you find training together quite often recently. Mauricio ‘Micho’ Alvarez, from Austria (as little Austrian as a name can be) and Adam Sims from the UK (as british as can be). The UK freestyle champion has just signed to Patrik Diethelm boards international team, describing them as ‘the best boards ever been on.’ Equipped with the new RRD freestyle sails, that he also helped developing, he will be for sure one to watch out for in this season. 

For the Austrian SOÖRUZ and Hangloose team rider it is the second season on the boards of the distinguished Swiss shaper.

Some weeks ago these two sailors packed their gear and booked a last minute trip to Dahab, as the forecast for one of world’s number one freestyle spots looked quite amazing. Egypt delivered perfect conditions and the two riders could also get some filming in. Seb Godsmark from the UK did an amazing job on the edit of their latest video. Sailing in Egypt like never seen before.

But first, some lines about how sweets and chocolate can be a driving force, how a personal coaching education increases your need, how the right training partner can push your sailing and how a ginger-ninja can turn into a business man.

Adam Sims (Patrik)

EFPT: What is Micho known for? 

In windsurfing I would say his double moves, he has them all dialed: double gozzadas, double punetas, double funnels, double esliders… Off the water, being ‘Dr. Alvarez’- he’s always getting asked to fix injuries, strains, etc… by all the riders. Maybe the EFPT need a tour doctor??

EFPT: What is he really really good in? 

Yodeling… but also for sure his rail grabs. You see one in the video on the e-slider but I saw him pull off an almost air spock tail grab at Lake Neusiedl the other day!

EFPT: What makes him a good training partner? 

He goes for all the moves and pushes me to go for ones I haven’t tried so much. Like in Egypt I was going for double burners, but also started trying flaka-shakas, something I had never really considered before and then was stoked to get it a few sessions later on the lake. Off the water, I think his Personal Training studies are quite a big help, when it’s not so windy, mixed in with the odd back massage. Haha!

EFPT: Three words that describe your Egypt trip:

Funny, windy, hamsat.

Micho Alvarez (Patrik/Soöruz/Hangloose)

EFPT: What is Adam known for?

I know Adam as a guy with two personalities:

The 5-year old Ginger-Ninja:

Adam is always smiling and he is for sure one of the friendliest guys i know.

His head is full of childish and funny ideas.
His stomach is always filled with sweets and ice cream…that’s probably the reason why he has a lot of power in his moves!?


The business ‘man’:

When he comes off the water and has treated his sunburnt face, he grabs his Laptop straight and starts loading and replying hundreds of emails.

EFPT: Where do you see Adam in three years time?

I guess he will be travelling a lot. Setting up his mobile office on different beaches around the world. Having fun. And busting out his chocolate-based-powermoves at the PWA/EFPT events.

EFPT: Is there something really frustrating about him?

He is aaalwaaays late! If i think of our trip to Dahab – I remember him starting to pack his suitcase 20min AFTER our planed departure-time from the Hotel.

EFPT: Three words that describe your last trip:

Fun, friends & pasta.


Thanks to efpt.net