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Nuova tavola Foil Windsurf di JP


Vi piace volare? JP presenta ufficialmente il suo nuovo modello dedicato al Foil Windsurfing di cui vi avevamo già parlato la scorsa estate con qualche interessante anteprima e nel video della nostra prova in acqua, CLICCA QUI. Due sono i modelli disponibile: da 135 e 155 litri.
Nelle foto di azione potete vedere anche la nuova vela Neil Pryde RS:Flight dedicata al Foil Windsurfing.

Developed by Werner Gnigler together with Sebastian Kornum and the rest of the JP team riders. The 135 could be called an all-round Foilboard – it makes foiling easy and accessible for everyone who wants to experience the feeling of fl ying over water. At the same time, it offers racers a very effi cient racing machine. It has a shape that suits all levels, from beginner to professional – from zero to hero. It covers a very wide wind range. And yes, you can also use it with a normal fi n. It feels like a shorter and wider version of a Super Sport and is almost as fast. Compared to our 155 the 135 has a slightly bigger range in higher winds as its nose stays a little lower when fl ying, so the board is therefore easier to control. The board is much easier to use for foiling than normal Slalom or Freeride Boards as it offers a comfortable stance and enough leverage to handle the lift. Once up on the foil the board provides a neutral platform so that you can fully concentrate on controlling the foil. The hull creates as little resistance in the air as possible, which is very important when you are fl ying.
The compact design (215 cm x 86 cm) has a wide tail and parallel outline. The even nose rocker combined with a soft tuck line in the front make for a smooth and forgiving entry once the nose comes down on the water. This is essential, as many beginners tend to nosedive. This special nose does not dig into the water but will lift you back up once you touch the water and you will keep fl ying. The volume distribution is very even to give the 135 great balance when you are up in the air, and a good glide before the boards lifts out of the water. The tail cut-outs are designed to avoid any drag as the board starts to fl y. The rail shape in the standing area is also different to standard slalom and freeride boards to cater for the more upright stance when foiling. In high wind it is important that your board doesn’t get too affected by big gusts, therefore we use a very streamlined surface to minimize the lift created by the board shape. 135
The board comes with a special, reinforced Tuttle Box. The box also fi ts any normal Tuttle or Deep Tuttle fi ns. Therefore the board can also be used for normal windsurfing.

Developed in cooperation with the NeilPryde Design Team, the 155 is a high performance foil board. It has an extra wide tail area providing a large planing surface and good leverage to the foil, allowing you to use bigger sails for an early take-off. Compared to the 135 it is bigger (220cm x 90cm) and is obviously slightly more orientated towards lighter winds and upwind sailing.
The wide tail, especially in combination with the NP RS:Flight foils, provides excellent control in the upper wind range. You can load lots of power onto the windward rail to keep the board tilted to windward and use additional lift from the foil for more acceleration, as well as very good upwind performance.
For deep downwind courses, there is an additional set of straps in the center of the tail. You will stand closer to the center of the foil and further back to control your fl ight over the chop.
The high angle tail cut-outs are designed to minimize drag during occasional tail touchdowns even at a high pitch fl ying angle of the board, such as when fl ying through the wind-holes on choppy water.
The forward rail area features V-angled bevels that help clear the rail from touching the water when sailing with the windward roll angle, especially on the upwind course. It also provides a very soft touch-down in cases where the foil catches air between the chop and momentarily loses lift. The nose area features a convex, round rail profi le and this together with V-angled rail bevels eliminates any hard edge to catch the water in case of extreme touchdown and prevents catapults.
The 155 provides a Neutral Flying Profi le – the special cross section of the board makes sure that you will see minimal changes in the actual hull lift with change in roll angles. This is an extremely important feature as a Foilboard is much more exposed to the wind than a regular board, and it is sailing at different roll (tilt) angles depending on the wind strength and sailing course.
The board comes with a special, reinforced Tuttle Box. The box also fi ts any normal Tuttle or Deep Tuttle fi ns. Therefore the board can also be used for normal windsurfing.

FOTO: EyeFly Pacifique

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