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PWA La Torche Day 6, la parola ai protagonisti


Un nuovo video pubblicato dal PWA sulla gara Wave di La Torche, aspettando ancora lo Slalom. Questa volta la parola è dei protagonisti del single elimination, i primi quattro classificati: Robby Swift (JP, NP), Brawzinho (Goya), Thomas Traversa (Tabou, GA Sails) e Ricardo Campello (Patrik, Point-7). Buona visione.


LT14_wv_Traversa_one_handedThomas Traversa Table Top One Hand


Day 6: Another lay day in La Torche as the waiting game continues

The forecast for today offered a slight possibility of producing some racing, but unfortunately the wind never really materialised meaning the sailors spent another day on hold. Throughout the day there were gusts of up to 10 knots, but the wind failed to improve beyond that. With the conditions failing to improve the sailors were released at 5pm, but hopefully tomorrow their patience will be rewarded. Despite there being no official competition held today, that didn’t stop the crowds continuing to roll into La Torche on another busy day on the event site itself.
With plenty of downtime we decided to catch up with Adam Lewis (Fanatic / North / SWOX), who currently sits in ninth place in the double elimination – having defeated Flo Jung (RRD / Gun Sails / Maui Ultra Fins / SWOX) in the single, before also ending the hopes of Kilian Du Couedic (Fanatic / North / Mystic) in the double – which sets up a tie against Dany Bruch (Starboard / Challenger Sails / AL360) in the next round:

PWA: You are sat ninth in the double elimination at the moment, are you happy with that?
AL: “Yeah I am. Actually it’s funny because my two best results, this year, have been on starboard tack and that is by far, by far, by far my weaker side. Cross-on starboard tack is about as bad as it gets for me.”

PWA: That brings me onto the next question… you’ve grown up sailing predominantly port tack conditions, so how did you find competing on starboard tack two days ago?
AL: “Yep… it was actually quite fun. I ended up learning stuff during my heats. I think that I was lucky to go to Maui last winter for the photoshoot. That gave me roughly six weeks in Maui and I think that’s saved me this year. I’d literally never sailed starboard tack before that, so yeah, pretty lucky.”

PWA: Equipment choice on that day of competition?
AL: “I had everything on the beach ready to go. So, 5.6m, 5.3m, 5.0m, 4.7m and 4.5m. In my heats I ended up using either my 4.7m or 4.5m on my 89l Quad.”

PWA: Do you always use quads? And if so, why?
AL: “I think the quads suit my style more. I think the quads give me a little bit more hold in the turns and you can put your weight into it a bit more. I prefer going for powerful, more drawn out, well not so much drawn out but holdier? (is that a word) turns and the quad just seems to suit what I’d like to do.”

PWA: Plans after La Torche?
AL: “I’m going to be going to Cornwall for the British Wave Sailing Championships. At the moment it’s very close between myself, Phil Horrocks (Tabou / GA Sails) and Ben Proffitt (Simmer). I think there’s only 2 points between the three of us. One of my goals that I set myself was to become UK Champion, so that’s what I’d like to try and do.”
“This year on tour hasn’t been my year, I’d say, stuff didn’t go my way this time around, so I’ve sort of put a nail in my own coffin or however you want to say it. Haha. This will be the end of my world tour for 2014. I’m qualified for next year and I’ll be back to focus on it again in 2015.”

PWA: Have you got a plan for the winter yet?
AL: “No, not really. I’ve got a few ideas. I’ve been thinking about Cape Town, South Africa for a bit or possible Morocco since I’m totally addicted to starboard now. I’ll just see what happens though.”

PWA: Thanks, Adam.

The forecast for tomorrow shows the possibility of some wind in the morning – between 11-18 knots from the south-south-west – so with this in mind the skippers’ meeting for the slalom fleets will be held at 8:30am with the action commencing from 9:30am. Meanwhile, the wave fleet will meet as 9am, with the first possible start also at 9:30am. Don’t miss any of the action by tuning into www.pwaworldtour.com, where you’ll be able to follow everything as it happens via the PWA live stream and live ticker.


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