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PWA rules Slalom 2013


Manca poco all’inizio del Windsurf Grand Slam AICW, Campionato Italiano Slalom, Formula, Raceboard e Freestyle, dal 1 al 8 giugno a Coluccia (Sardegna) in tappa unica. Certi di fare cosa gradita vi proponiamo, per coloro che sono interessati alla disciplina dello Slalom, le novità delle regole di regata del PWA in vigore anche per il Campionato Italiano dal 1 gennaio 2013.


Changes to PWA Rule Book
{1.8}    EQUIPMENT
(a) There are no restrictions on equipment other than those defined in the PWA Rule Book. The PWA reserves the right to impose further restrictions on equipment in the interests of safety or fair competition. No such prohibition shall be made without stating such in the Notice of Race.

(b) Only sailboards are eligible for use in competition at PWA sanctioned and recognized events. Competitors may not compete on equipment using a kite system. A sailboard is a surfboard using a free sail system. A free sail system means a swivel-mounted mast not supported in a permanent position while sailing.

(c) Equipment which in the opinion of the Race Director could cause injury to competitors must be prohibited. It is the responsibility of each competitor to check this aspect of his/her equipment with the Race Director. Under this Rule, rigging on the mast and sharp nosed boards which could cause injury to competitors must be prohibited. Competitors failing to obey instructions in this regard may be penalized under Rule 1.12.

(d) Competitors may only use boards and sails manufactured or branded by brands that are in membership of the PWA.

Competitors may use boards that are not manufactured or branded by brands in membership of the PWA provided that they are plain white or black and do not carry any other identifying marks, logos or graphics.

Competitors may not use sails manufactured or branded by any brand not in membership of the PWA.

A list of registered industry member brands can be found here:
http://nor.pwaworldtour.com/PWA_Industry_Member_Brands_2012.htm *

{1.9}        SAIL NUMBERS
(a) Each competitor must mark his/her sails with his/her registered sail number. The number shall be at least 18 centimeters in height, displayed clearly above the wishbone, and above the area reserved for the event sponsor. The number shall be placed at different heights on both sides with the number on the starboard side being uppermost, except when the sail is of clear material, when the numbers may be placed on the starboard side only. Numbers must be clearly visible, in a solid contrasting color, and identifiable from both sides of the sail.

(b) All characters must be displayed horizontally and not in a column. A competitor may not be disqualified for infringing the provisions of this rule without prior warning and adequate opportunity to make correction. The number shall not exceed seven digits and shall include a national abbreviation recognized and approved by the PWA.

{1.15.3}  Events Counting and Discards
The number of scores which count towards the PWA Annual Ranking list of each discipline is dependant upon how many times the respective disciplines have been completed at World Cup / Grand Slam. The Ranking list begins when the first Grand Slam/World Cup has been completed for that discipline.

The number of discards shall be in accordance with the table below.

number of events
number of events discarded
more than 10

A sailor may compete with 3 boards and 6 sails for the Slalom discipline at any Race event. A sailor may only use equipment which is registered in his/her own name.

Competitors may only register boards from the PWA Registered Board list.
Competitors may only register sails from the PWA Registered Sails List

Boards shall be no wider than 85cm
Sails shall be no bigger than 10 square meters

Boards and sails must be registered by manufacturers according to the standard PWA registration process, details of which are available from the PWA office and may be altered from time to time at the discretion of the PWA.

{2.5.1}     Equipment Registration
(a) Competitors will register 3 boards.  Competitors must then race on any of these boards unless the protest committee permits the exchange of a board due to damage beyond reasonable repair.

(b) Competitors shall register 6 sails. Competitors must then race on any of these sails unless the protest committee permits the exchange of a sail due to damage beyond reasonable repair.

(c) Equipment shall be registered by competitors at or before the registration of the first Slalom competition of the year that they take part in. The equipment registered by each competitor during this time shall be the total amount of boards and sails that they may use for the remainder of the season. If a competitor registers less than the total amount permitted, then that competitor shall not subsequently register any additional equipment at future events even if this means that they have less than the maximum permissible number of boards and sails.

(d) All equipment must be registered during the times published in the Notice of Race for the event unless this time is extended by the Race Committee on site at the event. Failure to register equipment during these hours shall prohibit the use of that equipment from use at PWA Slalom events for the remainder of the year. Equipment may be stamped or marked.

(e) If a competitor does not have an individual item of equipment that they wish to register them at their first event of the year, then they may register the item by submitting the model name and size at registration. However, they must submit the item for stamping / marking as necessary before they actually use it in competition.

{2.5.2}     Equipment Replacement
(a) If a board or sail is damaged, by no foul means, the protest committee may allow the sailor to exchange this board or sail with another identical board or sail. Board or sail replacement may only be sanctioned by the protest committee. If possible the original registered board or sail may be repaired and used again. Reinstatement of a board or sail may only be sanctioned by the protest committee. If an identical board or sail is not available, then a board or sail of a closely similar type and size may be used at the discretion of the protest committee.

(b) Equipment may be replaced by identical models of boards and sails between events without scrutiny, however any replacements should be notified to the protest committee at the registration of the next event where serial numbers may be noted and equipment may be marked or stamped.

(c) In the case that a competitor has a significant sponsor change in either boards or sails during the year, then they may apply to change the equipment they have registered, to equipment manufactured by the new sponsor. Applications for equipment change under this rule must be accompanied by proof in the form of either sponsorship contracts and / or a letter of confirmation from both the old and new sponsors and must be submitted at least 10 days before the start of the next event. Such applications shall be considered by the PWA Management Board which may or may not grant permission for an equipment change at their own discretion. If permission to change equipment is granted under this rule, then a competitor may only register equipment of a closely equivalent size and type to that originally registered. The final decision of whether to accept the registration of any specific items of equipment under this rule shall be at the discretion of the PWA.

{2.5.3}     Equipment Scrutinizing
Scrutinizing of equipment will be performed either by a PWA Representative, or any member of the PWA Race Crew. A sailor must make his/her equipment available for scrutinizing at any time whilst the event is in progress. Failure to present equipment for scrutinizing may result in disqualification from the respective race or from the entire discipline.

Equipment used by sailors must meet all registered specification and shall not have been modified in any way without prior approval from the protest committee. Modification from the normal specification as delivered by the manufacturer shall not be permitted. For the purposes of this rule, the addition of any extra tack or clew cringles or positions, puncturing of the sail to allow any attachment to provide tension other than devices supplied with the sail as standard or any other attachment or modification that is designed to alter the shape or performance of the sail from the standard supplied configuration shall not be permitted. For the avoidance of doubt, brochure / website specification and or the majority specification of other identical items of equipment may be used as evidence of the standard supplied specification by the protest committee.

Batten types and tension, mast type and tension, adjustment of camber inducers including sanding / filing and the addition of any spacers or other optional devices that are supplied as standard for the adjustment of battens, masts or camber inducers, shall be excluded from this rule and may be adjusted at the discretion of the sailor in question.

Any sailor found to have been using equipment that has not been registered, or equipment that does not meet the registered specification for that particular item of equipment, including the conditions outlined above, shall be disqualified from the entire race discipline for that event.

If a sailor is in anyway unsure as to the legality of any modification or piece of equipment, then they must seek and obtain permission to use that equipment, either from the PWA in advance of the event, or from the protest committee, before using that item of equipment. Otherwise they may be disqualified as described in the rules.

{2.5.4}     Equipment repair
Damaged equipment may be repaired, but repairs must be completed in a way that complies with the original specification of the board or sail as registered with the PWA. If a board or sail is found to be outside of the registered specification when produced or after use, then adjustments may be made to the board to bring it back within correct tolerances provided that these adjustment are made before it is used at a PWA Slalom event.

If indicated in the Sailing Instructions and / or Notice of Race then racing maybe conducted using the No Rules principle.

Under the No Rules Principle, all forms of Protest and Direct Refereeing are removed and sailors shall not be penalised for infringing another competitor whilst competing.

Competitors must start and finish as prescribed in the rulebook and the sailing instructions and must sail the course in compliance with the rule book, the sailing instructions and the course diagram (Rule 2.7).

Competitors attention is drawn to rules 1.1.3 “Safety”. Whilst competitors shall not be penalised for infringing other competitors whilst racing, rule 1.1.3 is still applicable to all aspects of PWA competition. Any competitor who breaches the fundamental principles of safety may still be penalised under Rule 1.1.3 and Rule 1.12.14 “Unsportsmanlike Conduct”.

“Unsportsmanlike Conduct”
Any members failing to conduct themselves at all times in a sportsmanlike manner and or to give due regard to the authority of officials and the rights of opponents, spectators, members of the media or other persons will incur a fine of no more than $1000 for each violation and/or disqualification from the series, event or elimination. For the purposes of this rule, unsportsmanlike conduct is defined as any misconduct that is clearly abusive or detrimental to the sport, but does not fall within the prohibition of any specific on site offence contained in these rules. In addition, unsportsmanlike conduct shall include but not be limited to the giving, making issuing, authorizing or endorsing any public statement having or designed to have an effect prejudicial or detrimental to the best interests of the PWA, the event or the sport.
If the Head Protest Judge deems that a sailor is abusing or misusing the Protest system, then he may propose that a fine be levied in the category of unsportsmanlike conduct.

{2.14.6}   DISCARDS (SLALOM)
Dependent upon the number of discards permitted, the highest then second highest scores are discarded. The lowest total score, with discards, if any, taken into account, wins. Scores may be discarded as set out in the following table.

Discards in single or double discipline:

number of race / eliminations
number of discards
1 –  3
4 – 6
7 – 12
13 – 15

{2.14.2}     Validity of Scoring (SLALOM)
The minimum number of races or elimination series to constitute a valid discipline scoring at an event and to distribute the prize money is one race or elimination where the fleet has been eliminated to the top 16 for men or top 4 for the women’s division.
Once one elimination or race has been completed to a final result, then subsequent eliminations or races will not be considered valid unless they have reached a final result in the winners final.


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Ciao a tutti, sono Fabio Calò (ITA-720), ho iniziato a fare windsurf all’età di 13 anni e da quel momento è diventata la mia più grande passione, la mia vita. Finiti gli studi universitari ho iniziato a lavorare in un negozio di windsurf a Torino, poi agente di commercio e nel 2006 è iniziata la mia grande avventura con la redazione di 4Windsurf e poi anche di 4Sup. Sono stato campione italiano Wave di windsurf nel 2013 e 2015, altri ottimi risultati agonistici gli ho ottenuti anche nel freestyle sia in Italia che in Europa. Dal 2017 sono il direttore di una delle scuole più importanti del Lago di Garda, il PierWindsurf. Trasmetto la mia passione con progetti dedicati ai giovani come il Progetto Serenity di Malcesine, e organizzo Wave Clinics nel periodo invernale. Vivo a Torbole sul Garda e respiro l’aria del windsurf 365 giorni all’anno.