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RBSC Destination Nomination


Destination Nomination
is open until May 31st

Red Bull Storm Chase gives you the chance to nominate your favorite windsurfing spots around the world. Send in your nomination at www.redbullstormchase.com and drive the competition to your home country!

Klaas Voget, Red Bull Storm Chase Sports & Athletes Manager and PWA professional: “We want to find locations that get frequently battered by massive storms, that offer varied spot options for shifting wind directions and places that don’t get too tricky to predict.”

There’s only one week left, until Destination Nomination closes. Thus, if you have one in mind head over to the event website and suggest it before May 31st.

All suggestions automatically enter the Nomination Competition. In case a mission is held at the destination you nominated, it’s your chance to win a GoPro Hero 2.

Red Bull Storm Chase 2012 Schedule
May 1 – May 31
Destination Nomination

May 1 – June 28
Sailor Registration

July 2 – July 15
Top 50 Online Voting for the 10 Finalists

August 1 – November 30
Contest Period, 3 Missions