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Ski The North Urban Canada Style


Un video super, by The North Face, guardate gli skiers Rob Heule & Mack Jones, e lo snowboarder Pat Slimmon nel road trip in Canada. Press play e parti nel viaggio per Vancouver verso Yukon sciando l’impossibile.

Video created by critically acclaimed cinematographer Graeme Meiklejohn, with additional support from: Line Skis, Giro & Yoke Collection.

Thumbnail photo: Stewart Medford


The Who – Won’t Get Fooled Again
Drake feat. Lil Wayne – Used To
First Aid Kt – Silver Lining
Waylon Thornton – Favorite Secrets
Waylon Thornton – Pearly Everlasting
Will Butler – Anna
La Luz – T.V. Dream
The Shivas – You Make Me Wana Die