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Victor Fernandez Maui Webisode


We are glad to release our latest Fanatic Webisode with Victor Fernandez on Maui:

At the moment Victor is on Pozo/Gran Canaria to train for the upcoming PWA World Cup, conditions should be really goodJ

Victor Fernandez:
“I´ve been on Maui training before and after our annual Fanatic/NorthSails photo shoot for a very long period. Now I am already in Pozo since a week and we had some very nice days with great conditions. The level is very high this year though, some of the new kids coming up, for example my team mate Alessio Stillrich is really ripping and flying high:-) I am sailing on my new gear 2013 already and I feel very confident on it. During the next month I will focus on improving all the moves and setting up my new equipment to be 100% prepared for the first PWA wave event of the year in Gran Canaria. Looking forward to start the season with passion and lots of motivation.”

Watch the clip Carl Nyberg did during our annual photo shoot on Maui and see what Victor is up to these days.