Documentario sul PWA Slalom, Francia

Un documentario sullo Slalom PWA in Francia proposto dal team rider Nico Prien.

scritto da Fabio Calò

Nico Prien: “One is a documentary series about professional windsurfing and the championship tour 2019. In episode 1 you’ll find out what slalom windsurfing is all about. The location is the PWA Worldcup Tourstop in Marignane / France. My Instagram: My Facebook: This project was made possible by my sponsors: Nordmann ToolMonitoring, Multicolor, NeilPryde, JP Australia, Braineffect A film by Ole Diebold Produced by Nico Prien Special thanks: PWA Worldtour, Adam Sims, Alex Mertens, TWS Windsurf, Sebastian Kördel, Jordy Vonk, Jimmy Diaz, Arnon Dagan, Finian Maynard, many more”

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