Il video contest di Gun Sails

Il video contest ideato da Gun Sails con la collaborazione di Flo Jung, potrebbe essere il giusto stimolo per ognuno di noi.

scritto da Fabio Calò

Gun Sails con la collaborazione del top rider tedesco Florian Jung hanno lanciato un concorso video chiamato “bucket list”.
L’idea è semplice: l’intento è di ispirare la comunità del windsurf a iniziare la nuova stagione con obiettivi concreti. Pertanto Gun Sails ha creato questa iniziativa, in cui tutti sono invitati a partecipare. Non importa che tipo di livello o attrezzatura hai: la cosa principale è di impostare un obiettivo all’inizio del video e di mostrare come lo si raggiunge, o almeno provarci!
Tutto ciò che serve è una fotocamera, creatività e, naturalmente, divertirsi con la sfida.


May 15th, 2019
A “bucket list” is a list of things you have never done in your life and would like to do
in the future. We want to inspire you to start the new windsurfing season with
concrete goals. No matter if you want to learn the “perfect jibe”, try a front loop or
just experience a common surf adventure with friends – we want to motivate you to
take part in a unique challenge.
Therefore we created a video contest, where everyone is invited. It doesn’t matter
which equipment you use or what kind of level you have – the main thing is that you
name your goal (verbally or in writing) at the beginning of the video and show how
you achieve it – or at least try to achieve it! All you need is a camera, creativity and a
bit of courage to follow your goals.
The video shouldn’t be longer than 2 minutes and should be posted on one of your
social media channels ( Instagram, Facebook, Youtube or Vimeo) with the hashtag
#GUNSAILSBUCKETLIST. With this hashtag you automatically take part in the
competition. If you want to make sure that we have seen the clip, just send us an
email with your video link to the following address:
The deadline for the video contest is 15th of august 2019.
Shortly afterwards, a jury consisting of Andreas Erbe (Chief editor of the German
Surf Magazine), Pierre Bouras (water camera man) and Jörg Müller (Head of
GUNSAILS Marketing) will announce the best videos.
A tutorial video with further details and concrete examples can be found under the
following link:
The 5 best videos will be rewarded with brand new 2019 Gunsails products worth of
1000€ as well as a one-week surf trip to Tarifa as the main prize.
Have fun on the water.

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