Adriatic Crown contest 2014 trailer

di - 22/04/2014

adriatic crown contest 2014

The event “Adriatic Crown” — Eurosupa 2014 is expecting to bring about 100/120 professional and more than 200 non-professional athletes from all over Europe which, for the region Marche and Italy, announces to be an absolutely unique, very interesting and exiting two day competition. The race will take place in Marotta and is part of a European and a Worldwide championship of great relevance, consequently it represents an appealing opportunity to promote tourism and our territory. Windsurf Center Marotta (WCM) would like to take advantage of this important appointment by encouraging and supporting the involvement of the leading brands and operators around through the propaganda of social and cultural initiatives, hospitality and typical products of the local culture and tradition. The tourism operator’s of Marotta also known as the “Riviera delle Lanterne” ‘s (the Lantern Riviera) are summoned up to submit their hospitality packages (length and type of holiday/stay)through the website and the official contacts. The ceramic trophies chosen as awards, are creations of our finest tradition and the gastronomic choice will be prepared by a competent local Association that can claim long –standing experience, competence and most of all, quality. Together with the Town Council, a welcome kit will be distributed containing pamphlets regarding touristic information about our territory and about guided tours to the art exhibit “la Grazia e la Luce” (grace and light) “from Perugino to Guercino”, a key event of the upcoming cultural season in Senigallia. “WCM”‘s main commitment is that this event turns out to be an excellent example of territorial efficiency and hospitality seizing the opportunity to highlight the unique and incomparable traits of our territory, of our people, culture, environment, art, food and wine.

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