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Fanatic SUP 2016


Fanatic lancia ufficialmente i primi modelli per il 2016 di cui troverete un ampio approfondimento sul numero di agosto-settembre di 4Sup. Intanto vi segnaliamo la press release ufficiale e alcuni video di presentazione dei nuovi prodotti!



For 2016 we have spiced up our wave collection: The brand new Stubby combines modern surf concepts supported by our design of compact outlines and parallel rails. Each and every rider can expect a new thrill-seeking sensation! Also available as Stubby Air – our new hot inflatable wave toy. For the ladies looking to shine bright like a Diamond, we’ve got just the thing for you! By channeling our knowledge and technical know-how, we’ve created a 9’6” gem perfectly suited to the elegant and athletic female paddler. Well balanced, direct and stylish in every sense, we look forward to seeing you out there in the line up; also available as inflatable Diamond Air version. The new Fly Air Fit joins the ranks as the ultimate partner for SUP-Fitness and SUP-Yoga. Together with the Fit Air Platform it´s perfect for group SUP yoga or pilates sessions, stretching out tight muscles and have a floating relaxation after all that paddling! Last but not least the new Rapid Air allows you to paddle and raft through rivers, streams, rapids and boiling white waters without a problem!