Fin Art – Competition

di - 12/01/2013

Inspired by (injured) UK team rider Russ Jenkins we are running a fun competition to see how creative our customers can get. Simply take your BPF fin and/or sticker and take artist photo, post on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and tag us. We will pick the most fun, interesting or artist image as the winner who will receive a 50% voucher for the store which can be used on any item(s) which are in stock. Please share this with your friends, the closing date will be set as Monday 21st which gives you two full weekends of sailing, but if it is cold and windless I am sure that you can come up with some interesting ideas!


Ciao a tutti, sono Fabio Calò (ITA-720), ho iniziato a fare windsurf all’età di 13 anni e da quel momento è diventata la mia più grande passione, poi la mia vita e il mio lavoro. Campione Italiano Wave nel 2013 e 2015. Vivo a Torbole sul Garda e respiro l’aria del windsurf 365 giorni all’anno.