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FW-1 the new formula series by Point-7


Point-7 présenta la sua nuovissima vela dedicata alla Formula Windsurfing, che rappresenta anche il ritorno ufficiale del Black Team in questa disciplina!


FW1: Point-7  new generation of formula sails!

Within the Black team we have several world class formula sailors such as Alberto Menegatti and Andrea Cucchi who respectively have won the Youth World Title and the Master World title and with both ranked in the top at 5 of many international events over the years. In addition to these 2 big names in formula there is also Maciek Rutkowski from Poland, Vincent Langer the newly crowned German Champion. In 2014 Fernando Martinez del Cerro from Spain will also be joining the Team together Christian Justesen from Denmark who is the 2013 Youth World Champion

Developing a new world class Formula sail have been a natural step for the Black Team and now the pieces are all coming together.

In recent years the main focus for the Black Team been to develop and improve the AC-1 slalom sails to gain the very important results reached during the 2013 season. By the end of October 2013 team captain and head of development, Andrea Cucchi decided together with his team to initiate a new way of designing and developing the future Point-7 sails. The team effort which resulted in the AC-1 slalom sail development would have to be equally implemented to the formula sail development by using all the feedback from the Black Team but with the actual designing of the sail being dictated by the team.

As the design of the new sails is completely done by the Black Team we have decided to call the new Formula Racing range the FW1. Starting from the same idea as the AC-1 slalom, the key feature will be the following.



  • High  aspect ratio profile.
  • 9 Batten contruction.
  • 5 type of batten configuration.
  • More luff curve then on the AC-1 slalom sails.
  • Deep lower profile
  • Progressive leach opening.
  • No base protection for quick tuning.

Approx Techinical Specs of the sizes (still under development)

10m^2 Mast 520 Luff 540 Ext 22.5 Boom 245+-5cm

11m^2 Mast 550 Luff 574 Ext 24.5 Boom 260+-5cm (Comp Mast 570)

12m^2 Mast 570 Luff 607 Ext 39.5 Boom 275+-5cm


The FW1 will be having a great drive from the profile and obtain his upwind ability from the more close middle leach compared to the AC-1 slalom. The main focus for the Black Team is to bring the FW1 not only to it’s best upwind performance, but in having the sail to be able to tackle any situation that are standard to get caught  on a race course during an event.

Andrea Cucchi: For 2014 we were not really sure to continue the formula program. We had been  focusing a lot on slalom, and the formula market being smaller , was making the decision even more difficult. At one point I gathered the team to get an understanding for what we could and how to move forward. We are fortunate to have a lot of talented formula sailors in our team, we have great design facilities, and know how to make great sails so we obviously could not give it up. Point-7 design and develop sails for all disciplines together with the Black team and now we have installed our 70 fins in our formula board and rigged up on the 570 masts. We are now in Tenerife for the winter training and in the next few weeks we will receive the next set of proto type Formula sails which should be the final version. We are super excited to have stepped up the development on this one, as it will be great to get 100% back into the discipline of formula sailing! We know how selective the Formula passionates are, so we will work towards their expectations. Soon we will post more news on the development via our media channels’


The FW1 will be available from March 2014 and everyone is welcomed to reserve it now!

FW1, Black is back!


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