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HSM: Kauli new signature sail KS3


Del passaggio di Kauli Seadi a Hot Sails Maui ne abbiamo già parlato molto, proponendovi interviste e report in questi ultimi mesi. CLICCA QUI.
Arriva oggi il risultato del grande lavoro fatto da Kauli insieme a tutto il team Hot Sails Maui: la KS3!

KS3 C1 and C2 ver2

Hot Sails Maui – Introducing the KS3

Envisioned by three-time world wave champion Kauli Seadi the KS3 is a rule breaking radical wave sail. Kauli, Tom, & Jeff have worked tirelessly to create a totally new experience in windsurfing. Powerful yet unbelievably stable the three batten design has radically less sail momentum which leads to faster response times and improved feel. The result for Kauli is a more explosive wave ride and quicker action in the air. The result for the rest of us is an amazing new type of sail that seemingly does not get over powered and maintains a locked in feel under all wind conditions. As you drop into a wave the forward pull of the KS3 drives your rail through the turn helping you stay tight in the pocket, the increased exit energy that this generates adds a new dimension to your riding, with more power and speed turns gauge deeper and throw more spray. The KS3 is the most powerful and direct sail in our line and riders are encouraged to use smaller sizes and benefit from the increased maneuverability that this offers. Kauli is in love with his new sail and that alone says a lot.

The KS3 is designed to rig on short masts and all sails come with a fixed head. Smaller riders will likely favor 370 RDM masts for the 4.9 with heavier riders opting to use a 400 RDM mast. The KS3 will perform well with all our masts however is best suited to our ULTRA 100% carbon masts and must be used with a RDM. Expect the KS3 to have much more batten rotation than other sails in the wave range. The downhaul setting has minimal adjustment just +/- 1cm from the recommended settings with most of the tuning from the outhaul settings which can be altered +1 (high wind) and -2cm (low wind) from the specifications. This allows the sail to be sailed very full for lighter winds and with less camber as the wind increases and control becomes more important. Batten rotation on the foot batten is in the range of 40-100% of the mast width. SuperFreak sailors will notice the large fold in the luff by the boom while sail is at rest, this combined with the rotation is part of the secret of this new concept. The KS3 has been designed with a low clew height and taller sailors will find the boom angle quite extreme, this will result in better handling in all maneuvers.

Rider Comments
“These was a complete new project for all of us, I wanted to try something different, and Jeff instantly loved my idea. I had in mind a 3 batten mainly for wave riding but the KS3 has amazing acceleration, power and speed with stability and locked forward power position, which makes it ideal for all riders. An amazing feature that we accomplished that I never felt in other sails was the momentum, it is a lot easier to accelerate and control during maneuvers, also a super light fell on the hand!” Kauli Seadi, Pro Wave Team, Hot Sails Maui

Kauli Seadi

“The KS3 is incredibly balanced. It is powerful yet extremely stable. The direct feel, and incredible control achieved by this synergy creates a sail that excels in down the line wave riding.” Morgan Noireaux, Pro Wave Team, Hot Sails Maui

“The KS3 is the most powerful, direct feeling sail in our line and reacts without hesitation. It needs a bold confident rider to really drive it hard who will be rewarded with unparalleled wave performance.” Tom Hammerton, Sail Designer, Hot Sails Maui

“When I first dropped in with the KS3 4.6m the drive locked in my turn and drove me hard storing up more energy for the cut back, I was blown away, I tried again on the next wave and the same thing happened, more drive, more locked in turns which helped to build confidence and set me up for deeper gauging top turns and higher aerials.” Chris Freeman, Sales Manager, Hot Sails Maui

The KS3 provides lots of power and full control all the time, and it is super stabile, no matter how windy it gets. Because of the extreme stability, it feels like the sail encourages me to try new moves and go for higher jumps. When switching between sizes, the feeling of the sails are more similar than any other sail I have tried, and I didn´t even have to move the harness lines. The KS3 is the best, most predictable and most stable wave sail I have ever sailed. Eirik Storeng, Hot Sails Maui Importer Norway

“First time I used the KS3, I felt invincible and everything worked awesome! Is that the placebo effect of using the Kauli’s sail? Or is the sail really that light and stable in overpowered conditions?” Bart Bootsma

Sizes & Specifications








Weight (kg)




























400 / 370









Sail Features

  • Three battens: Three batten layout featuring a crossing foot batten.
  • Super Light HSL15A Rip-Stop Laminate (SLRSL): This new lightweight material exclusive to Hot Sails Maui has been proven in lab tests to have twice the tear strength of traditional 5-mil x-ply.
  • ODL09 Technora patches: Lightweight and flexible with extremely low stretch the ODL09 allows us to make smaller stronger and lighter patches.
  • SlamLam® reinforced window: The laminated 5-mil window has widely spaced semi-transparent yarns for improved visibility and durability twice as good as monofilm.
  • Hybrid Sleeve: The indestructible OX webbing has been applied to the top area of the sleeve that is most often damaged in a perfect compromise of strength and durability versus weight.
  • Compact S-Shaping (CSS): Our unique shaping is the secret behind the stability of the sail. It locks the power in and prevents the camber from moving back.
  • Dynamic Fat Head (DFH): The Fat Head allows for a very direct feel in the sail while promoting a dynamic twist that aids control and responsiveness.
  • FlexForm Dynamic Shaping (FFDS): When the sail is not filled with wind the shape will automatically reduce the depth of the sail. This will be apparent by a vertical fold near the boom area between the battens. When the sail is sheeted in the wind fills the sail to produce a deep powerful foil and the excess disappears. Thereby the depth of the sail is actually varied by sheeting in and out and the power is controlled. 
  • Multiple Clew Heights: The upper ring is used for light winds and the lower ring for strong winds. Normal sailing should use both rings.
  • Lightweight Molded Mast Pad: The minimalist design provides all the protection you need without any of the weight you don’t.
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