Jp Australia sup 2015 Surf Slate

di - 18/01/2015


The combination of carefully balanced design features allows the user to come up with a new style of riding. The super parallel outline is the key. It generates speed instantly when the board is railed up, reduces drag and increases lift. It offers the most efficient volume distribution possible, therefore the boards can be shorter and narrower than ever before.

The reduced overall length of the board eliminates the swing weight and lets itself be thrown around.
The chopped off diamond nose is equipped with a soft channel in the center with bevels on each side for a forgiving “no pearling” entry and comfortable rail bite. This flows into a single concave bottom towards the tail channel with hard edges.


The double diamond tail offers additional grip, pressure release and directional control with low drag.
With this concept the rider will experience a total new riding sensation with higher degrees of speed, electric wave attack and radical aerial potential.

The well-known JP-Australia PRO edition construction is the cherry on top with the weight of only 6 kg for the 7’2”x26”.

The boards feature a 5 fin option and come with 4 RTM fins.

jp australia 2015 surf slate

The whole range comes with an FCS plug in the nose to attach your GoPro camera.