JP Slalom IX

di - 06/11/2012


The new Slalom board generation offers again two board sizes for each wind range. Depending on your preferred sailing style and weight you can chose the perfect board for you. Those who prefer more powerful and slightly wider boards will go for the bigger size and those who look more for maximum top speed and control will chose the smaller one. It does not always mean that the big, strong and heavy guys will use the bigger boards. It is simply a matter of taste and preferred sailing style.
Micah Buzianis, for instance, who is currently fitter than ever and has lost 5kg will most probably use the 59, 66 and 80 in the 2013 PWA World Cups as he generally prefers rather smaller than bigger boards.
In general these new boards are substantially easier to ride and control than the last generation. The boards offer great early planing and acceleration, blistering speed and good jibing for advanced riders and not just for big and super strong guys.
Today the level in Slalom racing is so high that the smallest margins can decide about success. Tuning the equipment became more critical over the years. The key to success is making the boards fast in various conditions without having to change the trim whenever the wind and water situation changes.
On one hand the boards need to “fly” and feel very loose in light wind. But once overpowered control becomes the deciding factor.
To master these goals we developed shapes which allow the rider to easily find the perfect board angle in both ends of the riding spectrum.

The highwind boards (56, 59) as well as the mediumwind boards (66, 68) come with double concaves to supply maximum control even in very overpowered and choppy conditions.
The two lightwind boards (80, 84) feature a flat V throughout for maximum lift and lightwind performance.
Additional curve in the outline between the straps in combination with an increasing V flow towards the tail gives the boards the ability to work in such a wide wind range.
This mixed with the tail cut outs produces perfect water release. The boards “fly” in light winds and release all the tail pressure in high winds.
The boards stay flat on the water’s surface and convert the power produced by the rig effortless into top speed.
The new Slalom range (except for the 56 which has a proven, unchanged shape) comes with a new generation “race deck” and volume flow. We reduced the board thickness from the mast base forward. This allowed us to add thickness in the foot strap area resulting in a more even domed deck. Even pressure on both feet help the rider to stay connected at all times.
This makes high speed runs less exhausting and easier to find the right foot position during jibes.

You can chose from two boards each per wind range (high, medium and light wind) depending on your size and strength but mostly on your preferred sailing style. We love to race and want you to enjoy it as well.

NEW FINS: We developed a great line of new Slalom fins for these new boards!

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