Leonard Nika e Grégory Closier crash before the finish

di - 29/10/2014


photo courtesy Sylvie Beekandt, Franck Debaecker
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During the race in France from Saint Maxime to Quimper an accident has happened to Leonard Nika and Grégory Closier. On the final sprint about 10 meters before the finish, the two athletes are crashed, falling in the water. After the crash Grégory Closier, it was not on his feet but he continued the race paddling as a surfer crossing the finish line, while Leonard as a good paddler is back to his feet and cross the line like a paddler. In the images we can see a particular detail.

 In this picture Grègory cut the line of Leonard.


 In this tree picture Grègory have cut the line to prevent Leonard.


The crash of Grègory and Leonard.

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