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Loft Sails new 2013 web site


Press release di Loft Sails.

We are proud to announce that our 2013 Website is online, with an updated design and layout. You can find all the information, pictures and features of our new 2013 range including sails, masts, booms and accessories, except for our Racing Blade, which will be exclusively introduced to our Facebook Fans (www.facebook.com/theloftsails) on October 20th. So, if you would like to be the first one to see our new, test acclaimed and PWA proven Slalom Racing design, make sure you connect with our Facebook Page.

We have started our countdown to October 20th launch when you will be able to discover all Racing Blade ’13 details as well as find out your chances to win one. We will be posting some teaser pictures during the countdown to the full presentation. See our video countdown presentation on Vimeo.

Loftsails Racing Blade 2013 from The Loft TV on Vimeo.

Loft Sails was founded and stablished in Tarifa in 1998 by Monty Spindler after designing for Neil Pryde, North Sails and finally A.R.T where his designs achieved many speed records. With its Philosophy of maximizing the wind range while minimizing the number of sail lines presented to the market, Loft Sails designs began winning international magazine tests since the very beginning, excelling in construction, durability and performance. Then, titles started coming with national championships (France, Spain) and International events, such as
ISA Speed.
In 2012 Loft Sails is ranked 3rd in the PWA Constructors Slalom Sails ranking, with two Men riders within the on top 10 and a podium position in Women, as well as PWA World Slalom Youth Champion. On top of the PWA success other achievements such as Swedish speed champion, IFCA European and World Champion in several age categories, World Master Raceboard Champion and World Raceboard Vice Champion and leading the French Championship and Dutch Formula Championship before the last event of the season.
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