LoftSails Racing Blade 2013 and contest presentation

di - 23/10/2012

To celebrate the launch of our brand new Racing Design, The Loft Sails is giving away one 2013 Orange RacingBlade 7.0m2.
All you have to do is make sure you are fan of our Facebook page and take your chance at answering one easy question through our contest application
The winner will be chosen among all the valid entries, according to the contest bases, answering the right question.
What year did Loft Sails launch their first Blade design? 2005, 2007 or 2009?
Contest starts October 20th, 2012 and finishes November 5th, 2012
Please check the legal bases to see if you are eligible.
For more information about The Loft Sails please visit

Hot SEASON S.L company owner of Loft Sails Brand, based in Spain, is organizing a contest to give away (PRIZE) one Loft Sails 2013 orange Racing Blade 7.0m2 sail.
By participating in the contest all participants accept all the following rules with no reserves.
This contest will be regulated by the following rules:
This contest is addressed to all physical persons that at the time of participating:
– Are at least 13 years old (legal age to have a facebook account)
– Are fans of The Loft Sails Facebook page
– Are not associated with The Loft Sails,Hot Season S L, Multigliss
Sarl or any of the official Loft Sails distributors worldwide.
– Are not employees, distributors or official riders of other windsurfing
brands or windsurfing shops owners.
– Are not associated with Windsurfing press and media.
– Are Residents in a country where Loft Sails is currently distributed.
For list of countries please check:
Dates: participation will be open from October 20th 2012 to November 5th 2012
Price: One new 2013 Orange Racing Blade 7.0m2
Delivery terms: at The Loft Sails country distributor office/warehouse
Question: What year did Loft Sails launch their first Blade design? 2005, 2007 or 2009?
Contest entry will be done by answering one question in The Loft Sails Facebook
Page Price will be raffled between all the right answers among the eligible individuals.
Participation is free, with no purchase obligation. One entry per person HOT SEASON S.L reserves the right to modify, shorten, cancel or interrupt the contest taking no responsibility for such actions.
The contest complies with all Facebook promotions regulations as:
– Facebook is not responsible in any circumstances for the contest and its regulations
– The contest is not sponsored, organized or administrated by Facebook
– All information given by the participants is given to HOT SEASON and not to Facebook


Racing Blade – Pure competition – Speed&Slalom
4.9 5.6 6.3 7.0 7.8 8.6 9.2 9.6
Loftsails Racing Blade designs enjoy a long history of competition success…
Spindler-designed Blades have claimed 3 absolute World Speed Records*,
Speedsailing World Cup Championships in 2008 & 2009**, PWA slalom victory in
2010** and 3rd men slalom PWA 2011 (Ben Van Der Steen).
The new 2013 version of the Racing Blade design is designed & built specifically for
ultra-competitive racing- slalom and speed.
Racing Blades 2013 include The Loft’s exclusive Internal Batten Tensioner System
(ITS): This exclusive Racing Blade feature results in a lighter, smoother, more
aerodynamically reactive leech. The ITS moves the tensioning assemblies forward,
behind the mast, for improved rig inertia.
Racing Blade designs are unique:
– X Core upper body panels.
– NEW!! Leech Tuning System: A critical area of competitive slalom racing designs
is the rig’s upper leech. This area is the rig’s exhaust, similar to the engine exhaust
of racing cars and motorcycles. Loftsails LTS is two additional intermediate
horizontal seams between the upper battens. These intermediates allow Racing
Blade upper leech fine tuning- optimizing leech release. LTS makes the most of
your exhaust – gently extracting power over the entire leech from clew to head.
Feel the result on the water- Racing Blades are race winning performance “out of
the box”. Loftsails Exclusive!!
– ITS Internal Batten Tensioning System: top 3 all-carb tube battens with the
batten tensioners located at the front, behind the mast: weight optimization for
extreme leech response.
– Internal Kevlar strip applications define shape profiles and maintain stability. Both
vertical and horizontal (at cams) orientation.
– Racing Blade mast pocket construction: mast panel and SUPERX mast pocket
sides (3 layers) are tensioned directly (under eyelet): downhaul tension is
equalized between the mast panel and the mast pocket, resulting in the Racing
Blades’s firm, clean, easy-rotating leading edge.
– Alternate side batten pocket applications with xply pockets (centered battens).
– Sensitip head batten system.
– ITS Internal Batten Tensioning System: top 3 all-carb tube battens with the
batten tensioners located at the front, behind the mast: weight optimization for
extreme leech response.
-Teckams- simple, functional, light, adjustable, durable. Sdm & Rdm compatibility.
4 Teckams packed with all Racing Blade sizes.
-Metallic cam interfaces.
-Racing Blade sizes 4.9 – 8.5: 7 battens plus Sensitip. Racing Blade 9.5 8 battens
plus Sensitip.
-All Racing Blades are engineered with “Super tubes”; 100% carbon battens in
specific locations.

Monty Spindler on the new Racing Blade 2013:
“The work to develop our new race designs has produced fruit! Many generations were created;
tested; modified, tested… the work produced new designs that will continue our rise on the race
scene worldwide. Ben and Joss worked as a pair for our Racing Blade 2013 development, both top
10 PWA riders- a perfect development cell. I had my chance to contrast directly our 2012 Racing
Blade and the new 2013 earlier this week. The difference is clear… our 13s are lighter in the hands,
easier in navigation, more stable with less tendency to tail-walk in the upper end, and generally


2013 Racing Blade Presentation from The Loft TV on Vimeo.