Mondiale Sup Isa 2014 Nicaragua Long Distance e result

di - 11/05/2014

Photo: ISA/Rommel Gonzales, Michael Tweddle

Mondiale Sup Isa 2014 Nicaragua Long Distance

Titouan Puyo from France is the new Men’s World SUP Long Distance Champion after defeating a stacked field of competitors on an epic 18 Km race on Lake Nicaragua. Photo:ISA/Michael Tweddle

Day 7 saw epic Men’s SUP and Paddleboard 18 Km Long Distance Races at the 2014 ISA World StandUp Paddle and Paddleboard Championship (WSUPPC). Over 60 of the world’s best SUP and Paddleboarders took on the exciting long distance course that navigates through the 365 “Isletas of Granada” on Lake Nicaragua.

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The ISA President welcomed every one of the racers as they crossed the finish line, handing them a cold bottle of water to help cool them down after a grueling race, especially the last 2 Km, which was a stiff upwind leg.

The Men’s SUP Long Distance Race kicked off with 15 of the 35 racers forming a lead pack. At first, the group was led by Mexico’s Fernando Stalla, who took off in a sprint out of the start followed by Slater Trout (USA), Eric Terrien (FRA), and Casper Steinfath (DEN), amongst others. Then, Americans, Trout and Chuck Glynn worked as a team to take the lead. The front running train also included racers from Australia, South Africa and Brazil.

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The South African racer, Ethan Koopmans, suffered a shocker, as he was part of the lead pack and was closing in on the leaders, but in the middle of his effort his paddle broke in half. However, Koopmans did not give up, and even though he finished in last place, he completed the course paddling, holding his broken paddle in his hand.

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As the race progressed through the picturesque islands, the French duo, Puyo, a downwind specialist, and his teammate, Terrien, took over the lead and seemed to be uncatchable. The Americans, Stalla, and Steinfath did their best to keep up, but only the Aussie, Lincoln Dews, the 2013 ISA World Paddleboard Silver Medalist, was able to remain close to the leader.

In the end, Puyo (FRA, 1:49:25) took the Gold Medal, Dews (AUS, 1:50:24), the Silver, Terrien (FRA, 1:50:43), the Bronze, and Vinicius Martins (BRA, 1:51:12), the Copper.

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“It feels amazing!,” said an elated Puyo about being World Champion. “It was a good race, very difficult at the beginning because of the drafting, since there were so many of us in the first group when we were going through the islands. I knew that if I was in first at the buoy before the open water downwind part, it would be good, and I did it. In the downwind, I was first and I never stopped.”

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“I feel very happy to have finished this stage of StandUp Paddle Racing. I feel tired now, but I’m glad I finished the race despite all the challenges along the way and the pressure of the other competitors. After all, I was able to place amongst the best in the world in this category. I’m happy to be here and it’s an honor and I feel proud to represent my country of Nicaragua in both StandUp Paddle and SUP Surfing.”

Another special story was the Delgado family, who are Team Peru members. Raul and his son Itzel both competed in the SUP Long Distance Race, and Raul’s wife, Lizenka competed yesterday in the Women’s SUP Long Distance Course. It was a beautiful sight to see the whole family supporting and cheering on each other in their races.

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Team Peru’s Delgado family, Mother Lizenka (left), father Raul (center), and son Itzel (right).

Mondiale Sup Isa 2014 Nicaragua Long Distance_8 race track

Mondiale Sup Isa 2014 Nicaragua Long Distance_result