Naish novità 2016

di - 18/08/2015

Presentazione della nuova collezione 2016 Naish Paddle .
Progettate per le massime prestazioni, formulate per una lunga durata, la linea 2016 esprime l’equilibrio ideale tra forza, potenza e flex . L’utilizzo di materiali d’avanguardia e tecniche di modellatura, le  pale presentano raffinate costruzioni; disponibili in una varietà di formati. Le pagaie Naish offrono prestazioni senza eguali.


Introducing the new 2016 Naish Paddle Collection. Engineered for maximum performance and heightened durability, the 2016 line strikes the ideal balance between strength, power and flex. Using cutting-edge materials and shaping techniques, our paddles feature refined constructions, precision blade shaping and are available in a variety of sizes to optimize your stroke. Whether for touring, racing, wave riding or all-around use, Naish paddles offer unmatched performance, quality and value.

Varie tavole tra cui:

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La serie Odysseus è progettata per all-around , esplorazioni, imparare le basi del sup e cavalcare piccole onde. Queste tavole offrono una stabilità fenomenale.

Possono  esser utilizzate anche come tavola da windsurf, disponibili con Soft Top per scuole e centri noleggio.

The Odysseus series is designed for all-around cruising, exploring, learning the basics and riding small waves. Featuring an extra wide outline throughout the nose, mid-section and tail, these boards provide phenomenal stability.

New to the lineup, the 11’2” features an M8 universal insert, which allows for use as a windsurf board as well. Additionally, the Odysseus also features plugs in the nose area which can accommodate a bungee storage system for precious cargo. Also available as a Soft Top for schools and rental centers.

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Tavole Javelin carbonio sono adatte per i riders  professionisti.

Disponibile in 24 ” , 26″ e 28 ” larghezze , dispongono di una costruzione in carbonio che unisce la resistenza agli urti ma allo stesso tempo sono ultraleggere.

Le tavole  Javelin Maliko sono state testate e perfezionato dai riders più esperti.

Javelin Carbon boards are suitable for ambitious racers and professional competition. They feature a state-of-the-art rocker line and newly developed deck and bottom shape for lightning fast acceleration and ultimate gliding speed.

Available in 24”, 26” and 28” widths, the newly refined Javelins feature a carbon construction which combines the impact resistance of a wood sandwich deck with the lightweight and stiffness of a carbon bottom and carbon rail—providing even more direct board feel.

Developed in the home of downwind racing, Javelin Maliko boards have been tested and refined by the fastest riders in the world. Available in 24” and 26” widths, the hydrodynamically advanced dihedral nose shape efficiently splits water off the sides of the board, letting the hull move smoothly through windy open water conditions. The newly developed rocker allows the rider to catch glides—even in the roughest conditions—with minimal trim adjustment.



At Naish, we take pride in our shape and love to show it off! Get up, close and personal new 3D Interactive views. The next best thing to viewing Naish products in person, you can now tilt and zoom to appreciate high end features (such as carbon fiber) and explore every curve, angle and seam that make our expertly engineered shapes truly exceptional.