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di - 18/09/2012

Sul prossimo numero di Funboard di ottobre-novembre un bel approfondimento su alcuni nuovi prodotti North Sails.
Intanto ecco i comunicati ufficiali di casa North…

2013 Mast Range
Light, lighter, the lightest!
Back in 2002 this was already the case with the design study VIPER AERO. Back then it showed the limits of feasibility. Weighing in at less than one kilo this mast still holds the world record. Unfortunately, this limited production series was suitable only for flat-water use. With the radical PLATINUM AERO 2013 we introduce a dignified ultra-light successor that is much more advanced than the former design study. By processing the revolutionary, ultra lightweight D4.SHIELD this mast achieves minimum weight combined with unexpected durability. In concrete: laboratory tests prove that 85% of the fractional values of a regular PLATINUM mast are achieved! An absolutely sensational result, which is why the new PLATINUM AERO is not only the lightest, but definitely also most durable mast in its class!

Less is more, and lighter is impossible.
The PLATINUM AERO is ultimately the lightest 100% carbon mast in the world documenting our leadership position in the mast construction. With only just over a kilo many will question the durability, but that is exactly the
unbelievable! By processing the revolutionary, ultra lightweight D4.SHIELD we achieve not only this sensational weight but also in addition incredible durability values. In concrete 85% of the durability of the regular PLATINUM! An absolutely sensational result, which is why the new PLATINUM AERO is not only the lightest, but definitely also most durable mast in its class!
The lengths 370 up to 430cm are freestyle/wave-oriented RDM masts, while the longer lengths come as freeride-oriented SDM masts. The mast program in 2013 comes up with new detail and quality improvements, particularly
regarding the refined breakage strength.

New for 2013:
Introduced in 2001 the ALUTEX winding gives even 100% carbon masts an unmatched durability. That‘s why the PLATINUM is and remains the most durable mast in its class. We are so convinced about the superior durability-values of the new PLATINUM masts that as the first brand ever we offer a 2.YEAR.UNCONDITONAL.WARRANTY* on a 100% carbon mast.

THE essential quality criterion of carbon fibers when used for Windsurf masts is the bendingelongation of the fiber. The elongation measures the traction during bending until the fiber finally breaks.
For a Windsurf mast this means: the higher the bending-elongation value of the carbon fiber raw material
– the faster the reflex speed (which ultimately increases the performance
of your sail, similar to increased horse power in a car)
– the higher the breakage strength
Carbon fibers are available with bending-elongation values between T300 and up to max T1000 with the T1000 carbon being 10-times as expensive as cheap T300 carbon. The lowest quality carbon fibers used on Windsurf masts have an elongation value of T300-400. This carbon has a bending-elongation which is just slightly higher than glass fiber. Therefore it’s used on cheap “low-percentage carbon masts” only. 80% of all brands nowadays use T400-500 for their top level carbon masts.











Red Series: T600
Silver Series: T600
Gold Series: T700
Platinum Series: T700
Platinum Aero: T800 with 30% reduced resin content