ONYX VOLTAGE premium wetsuit with ION Anti_Smell featuring Sanitized

di - 07/02/2013

ION is happy to present you the next generation of well known premium class double lined wetsuit ONYX VOLTAGE with front zip

The 2013 edition additionally features ION Anti_Smell, using the Sanitized® hygiene function. This certified antimicrobial material treatment avoids the unique characteristic of regularly worn neoprene every water sports man knows well: A foul, sweaty smell.

The ONYX VOLTAGE is available from now on, in Hood 6/5, 5/4, 4/3 and 3/2  and retails starting from 379.- €.
This top of the line product is just one out of 12 different wetsuit lines ION offers. The full product line, including more budget oriented models, can be found on:

MAIN FeAtures
. Anti_smell: sanatized® certified antibacterial treatment to prevent bad odor from bacteria, mildew etc. in moist or sweaty environments NeW!
. s_seal: liquid glue on all seams for sealing tearing strength NeW!
. Key_Loop: new technical key pocket with self locking zipper slider on leg for easy access NeW!
. Knee embossings: uniquely embossed knee protection ribs NeW!
. seal_tite: Improved uV-resistant s_seal stripes on wrist NeW!
. Crash_Padz: protection panels on shin/ribs made of K_type Neoprene
. roller embossing: subtle M_tex embossing pinstripe design on DL panels NeW!

Other FeAtures
. Glued Blind-stich: water sealing for all seams
. Front_row: front zipper entry for maximum flex and freedom of movement
. seam_reinforcements: on all stresspoints
. Drain_holes: water release on calves and lower back panel
. Leg_Loop: detachable velcro loop on ankle
. Contour_Cut: at collar, arms and legs

Here we go again – ION´s well known premium class double lined wetsuit Onyx Voltage with front zip. The 2013 edition additionally features ION Anti_Smell using the Sanitized® hygiene function. This certified antimicrobial material treatment avoids the unique characteristic of regularly worn neoprene every water sports man knows well: A foul, sweaty smell.
ION Anti_Smell featuring Sanitized® technology tto fight this typical wetsuit odor, caused by bacteria, alga,
fungi or mildew in moist or sweaty environments, ION uses a brand new weapon: the ION Anti_smell function, the built-in sanitized® protection technology.
sanitized® is an innovative swiss antimicrobial material treatment that has proven its efficiency over the years also in other applications, like in the medical sector.
the main problem: Bacteria increase very fast in warm, moist or sweaty environments. Without disinfection their number doubles every 20 minutes:
sanitized® treated Fabric Fiber untreated Fiber
sanitized® prevents bacteria growth and odor development very effectively. An important fact in doing so: Different from other wetsuit competitors‘ solutions, sanitized® protects the Neoprene jersey not only against regular bacteria growth, but also against fungi, mildew and algae – all with a long-lasting unique approach:
the used sanitized® product is certified by OeKO-teX 100, class I-IV and is considered as baby safe by Allergy uK. In addition, it is bluesign® approved, which guarantees an eco friendly production.
Furthermore the Onyx Voltage comes with an improved horizontal front zipper instead of the traditional vertical back zipper. even though it takes a bit more time getting in and out it provides unmatched flexibility and freedom of movement especially in the back. the combination of glued blind-stitched seams with the ION S_Seal provides an outstanding water sealing and an even greater bomb proof tearing strength.
Wrapped in an exquisite classical graphic design this refined combination of incredible stretchy Recycled_Polyester and super warm Helio_Plush quickdry jersey is the solution for everyone looking for a wetsuit suitable for surfing as well as for kitesurfing, windsurfing, wakeboarding or suPing and for everyone, who simply want one of the best you can buy from ION.
Forget the smelly days and choose the Onyx Voltage with ION Anit_Smell featuring Sanitized ® technology:

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