Pascal Toselli cambia sponsor di tavole

di - 18/01/2018

JP è felice di annunciare che Pascal Toselli, top rider nel PWA, ha firmato con loro un contratto per due anni.

Pascal who finished 5th in the 2017 PWA Slalom ranking had the following to say:
“I am very proud to join the JP team! Like many other PWA riders, I have noticed a very nice evolution of the JP slalom boards in recent years. JP did a great job which shows me that the brand is very motivated about Slalom and takes the product development very serious. I was able to test the boards which helped me a lot in my decisions. I also have a very good feeling with Martin Brandner and Werner Gnigler the JP shaper.
We already started working on the development of future slalom boards which rises my big motivation even more and I see very nice things to come. Just super happy to be part of this great team!!”

Martin Brandner the JP brand manager had this to say:
“We have been in close contact with Pascal already 3 years ago as we saw that he is very talented and has big potential. We think it is a perfect time for him to join us now as we have big plans with our Slalom and Foilboard development. Pascal brings great testing and development experience which makes him a perfect fit with the rest of our team. We have seen that he stays very calm even when competition gets hectic, he is strong in all kind of conditions and we think he has everything it takes to become a Champion.”

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