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Team Italia al gran completo per Lost Mills



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Un grande augurio al team italiano che sarà presente a Lost Mills per una delle gare storiche del circuito Eurosupa. Anche nel sup ora possiamo dire forza azzurri. Rosa presente in Germania:

– Leonard Nika (Starboard)
– Fabrizio Gasbarro (Fanatic)
– Paolo Marconi (Jimmy Lewis)
– Cecilia Pescatori (Fanatic)
– Bruno Giordano Capparella (Bic)
– Silvia Mecucci (Fanatic)
– Federico Benettolo (Bic)
– Martino Rogai (Jimmy Lewis)
– Davide Ionico (Fanatic)
– Riccardo Benettolo (Starboard)
– Leonardo Toso (Jp)
– Gianmatteo cau (Jimmy Lewis)

il team di 4 sup vi sotiene attivamente…grzie per rappresentarci con onore…

Long Distance über 18 KM
Race start on the small Brombachsee, race course along the buoys on top of the sunken mills. Short sprint by foot across the dam to the large Brombachsee – racecourse along the buoys on top of the sunken mills and back across the dam to the finish line to the Hotel Seehof.




1. price

2.000 €

1.000 €

2. price

1.500 €

600 €

3. price

1.000 €

400 €

4. price

500 €

300 €

5. price

400 €

200 €

6. price

300 €

100 €

7. price

250 €

80 €

8. price

200 €

70 €

9. price

150 €

60 €

10. price

100 €

40 €

11.-15. price

70 €

0 €

16.-20. price

50 €

0 €

21.-25. price

30 €

0 €






Fastest Paddler on Earth
Overall Elite up to 14’0 Racedistance:
200 m All factory boards are allowed – fixed fins, no rudder in the in the rear third of the board, maximum length: 14’0”.

Entry fees
Lost mills 60,00 € incl. Tax Every contender receives a free shirt. The shirt will be handed after the entry fee has been paid
Fastest paddler on earth 20,00 € inc. Tax
Seehof-Cup: 10,00 € incl. Tax – Board and Paddle will be provided
Kinder-Race und Jump-Wettbewerb: 10,00 € incl. Tax – Board and Paddle will be provided
Yoga oder Pilates inkl. M°-Fitnessboard and Trainer: 10,00 €

Each contender must have a valid liability insurance.

At the start all contenders must wear the according lycra. Contenders not wearing a lycra with the starts number will not be registered at the finish line and will be ranked as DNF. (Did Not Finish) Each contender will pay a 25,00 € Deposit for the lycra. It is mandatory to wear the event lycra for all training, warm-ups, races interviews and award ceremony. It is not allowed to decorate the lycars with any logos or other advertisement. (Disqualification will be the consequence.) The event organizers recommend to wear a wet suit if temperatures are cold, but off course it is not mandatory. The contenders agree that all pictures taken during the races and awards ceremony are being used for PR and Advertising unless a written note is being received from the contender.

Fair Paddling/Paddling in knies, sitting or lying:
It’s expected all participants are paddeling in a fair way. Gross unsporting conduct (f.e. push a competitor into the water) race director is able to disqualify a participants. Paddeling in knies, sit or lie will be punished with disqualify. Exception: After a fall it’s allowed to start again on the knies paddling with 5 paddle strokes on each board side.

For critical weather conditions the Race Director may order the wearing of protective clothing against cold (eg neoprene) and the use of leashes. Failure to comply may result in disqualification.

Pricemoney will be paid after the awards ceremony. The event organizers need the right to obtain a copy of a personal identification in order to pay the money. All amounts are paid in gross considering the deductible tax per § 50a (4) Abs. 4 ESTG

Event organizers provide – Usage of entry fees
• Each contender receives a “lost-mills” Event-Shirt
• Organization of the races and support
• Riderslounge and lockers
• Usage of SUP-Boards and Paddles of the affiliate brands, given they provide the equipment
• Lycra will be provided by the sponsors
• Beverage in the ERDINGER ALKOHOLFREI-RIDERS-LOUNGE (Erdinger Non-Alcoholic)
• Medical emergency assistance

Sign Up
You can sign up the following way:
ONLINE www.lostmills.com or print out the PDF-Form and send it via mail to:
Lost Mills, Hauptstraße 20; D-91720 Absberg
Entries are limited and spots will be filled upon receipt of the entry form.
Early sign up is recommended.

All entry fees will be reimbursed up to 14 days before the event.
No reimbursements with the 14 days of the event date.

All contenders enter the races at their own risk.
The liability of the event organizers is limited to gross negligence and intent. This includes all third party contractors hired by the event organizers. The event organizers are not liable for damages, to live, body or health unless damages are a result of intently actions or gross negligence, by the organizers or contractors. Are the event organizers forced to cancel, or change the event date imposed by higher power or security threads, the organizers are not liable to reimburse entry fees. The event organizers are not liable for any theft of the athletes equipment including professional and personal unless intent or gross negligence is in play. 4/5 The event organizers are not liable or any risks to the health of the contenders. It is the contender’s liability to check if they are healthy enough to be part of the races. With the acceptance of the Event-Lycra the athlete declares binding that he or she is fit for the event. All information provided by the organizer are non-binding messages and no way be construed as assertions, from which we can derive any legal claims against the organizer. To cover any property damage or personal injury, the contender must be in possession of liability insurance with adequate coverage, which also covers the regatta risk.

Event Data and Media
The personal data provided during registration of participants will be stored and processed only during the organization of the event. The participant agrees that the data specified in messages may be recorded and passed on for the placement and results. Photographs, footage and interviews of the participant in connection with he event are allowed be publishe without claim to compensation.

Competition Rules
For the event the regulation of the “lost-mills-race” on Brombachsee applies. With registration, the participant accepts these regulations as binding.
Absberg, Brombachsee, May 17th 2014