Tunisia, il mini documentario di Stephane Etienne

di - 28/10/2021

Nicole Boronat: “This is the story of Stephane ETIENNE since his beginnings and his return to TUNISIA for a pilgrimage and an immersion in the Tunisian surfing community.
“According to Stéphane, this 15-minute mini-documentary entitled TUNISIA back to the roots is where it all began for him. From ocean activities to his career as a professional athlete, including a pilgrimage to his childhood and a country that he keeps in his heart.
Likewise in this short Doc you will discover a Tunisian surf community. ..
This visual story is a mixture of recent filmations and old images of Stéphane’s father who died a few years ago.
Thanks to Patrick , Dhie their families and all the TUNISIAN friends & of course TUNISIA.”

PS: First Short documental from NICOLE BORONAT.

Selectioned at the BILBAO surf film Festival / Fuerteventura.