Un’avventura SUP invernale in Norvegia

di - 16/02/2016

I rider del team Fanatic Kai-Nicolas Steimer e Lena Albrecht hanno fatto una incredibile avventura lo scorso mese: gennaio in Norvegia con una temperatura di -21° con solamente tre ore di luce al giorno. Ma hanno scoperto degli incredibili paesaggi e spot grazie ai loro SUP!

Lars Jacobsen-0465

Lars Jacobsen-0404

Kai about this trip: “SUP is an outdoor sport, which means you are going to challenge the elements, seeing what your body is capable of. Our journey led us to Norway in the middle of winter, to explore the beauty of this country on our SUP’s. Norway welcomed us with temperatures around minus 21°C and snow covered landscapes. Sleeping in a tent in winter was it’s own challenge and cooking with deep frozen food another one. This was all worth it and made this adventure one that I will remember forever. It was so stunning to paddle in all these amazing places in the quietness of winter. Thxs to Lena for joining me on this trip, showing that girls can also handle the tough conditions!”

Lars Jacobsen-3-17

Lars Jacobsen-2970