World Ocean Day: le piccole cose che fanno la differenza

di - 08/06/2017

A volte le piccole cose fanno la differenza e Starboard ha introdotto sulle proprie pagaie: Starboard Paddle Pick. Guarda il video!


Sometimes it’s the simple things that make all the difference. That’s why we’ve added one little tool to every paddle we make: the Starboard Paddle Pick, a tool that makes grabbing trash out of the water as simple as taking another stroke. This small addition to our paddles will help us help the United Nations with their upcoming Clean Seas campaign – helping to turn the tide the tide on ocean plastics.
It’s removable if you’re lining up for a race or packing your paddle, and easy to attach for everyday paddling. It’s a favorite for our Trash Hero projects, where the Starboard HQ team gets together with local kids in Bangkok, Thailand to help clean up the local lakes and rivers.
How can you use it? It’s easy – just do your normal paddle, and keep your eyes open. Spot something in the water that isn’t supposed to be there? One stroke to grab it – stash it in a pocket, or keep a small reusable bag of your own on hand.
It doesn’t sound like much – but it adds up. And if every paddle we sell has a paddle pick, and every one uses it every time they paddle – that’s quite a lot of trash.
Help spread the word on World Ocean Day as we support the UN in their global initiative – and join in our mission to make the planet a better place to paddle.

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