Pep Fujas entra in WNDR


Settimane fa vi avevamo aggiornato con la notizia riguardante il noto sciatore Pep Fujas: dopo 17 anni Pep abbandona il team K2 (qui).


Crediti: WNDR

Nuovo membro per WNDR

Vi avevamo promesso aggiornamenti e ne abbiamo già uno importantissimo: Pep entra a fare parte della famiglia WNDR.

Rilascia questa dichiarazione al web:

Today, I am pleased to announce my partnership with WNDR Alpine. After 17 years skiing on K2 Skis, I decided to move on, to partner with a startup brand spearheaded by a good friend and the notorious dis-emvoweler, Matt Sterbenz… By joining WNDR Alpine, I get to quickly iterate new ski designs, test those skis, help implement techniques to waste less in the production process, reuse or upcycle the scraps and build better products that I get to share with the ski community. I also get to work with incredibly passionate people who don’t just believe in what they do, they rely on science and data to make an informed decision. The better question is, how could I turn down such an opportunity?

Altre informazioni riguardo le trovate sul sito ufficiale di Pep Fujas: QUI



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